Continuation Co., LTD. is a boutique company that provides language services, catering for your business/ personal needs, regardless the size, scale or the complexity.


What we do

Interpretation: Simultaneous, whispering, consecutive, tour guide, conference call (skype), business meetings, business presentation, communication support 

Translation: Service available from 1-page document (A4 format)


Language availability: Japanese, English


Key Industries

Manufacturing/  machinery-light, heavy/  precision equipments/  industrial machinery/ IT/  Special Glasses(TFT)/  chemical/  machining centre / Audit – ISO, OHSAS, Quality, Security, Safety, Environment /  electronics/ entertainment/  Medical/  Automobile, engine, motor/  construction, engineering works, civil engineering/  Staff Training/  JETRO /  Technical Meetings/  Overall business/  Sightseeing(tour-guide)


Track Records


Chemical/ Pharma, Medical Devices/ JCI Mock servey/ Agricultural/Construction Machinery-Kaizen Global Conference/ Consultation, hearing on new vaccine line instalation/ Doctor interview on Stokes-Cardio-Vascular, Neurology (tele-conference)/ PLC programming – Large-scale entertainment machinery /  ISO9001 Quality Audit – Electronics device manufacturer /  Tokyo Motor Show, Technical presentation – R&D company (Split engine) /  SAP ERP Assessment – Industrial Machinery Manufacture/ Business Strategy Meetings – Telecommunication /  National convention, R&D Strategy Meeting – Engine manufacturer/  JCIAccreditation Programme– General Hospital /  Technical presentations - US Special Glass Manufacture / Forum, Immigrants in Japan – NPO /  Construction Project – Theme Park / Engineering projects - US Special Glass Manufacture, tele-conferences, video conferences / ISO9001/I SO14001/ OHSAS18002 Audit - US Special Glass Manufacture/ In-house Trainings - US Special Glass Manufacture / Finance Trainings – Cost management and planning/ Finance Meetings - US Special Glass Manufacture/ Guidance for MAU Dummy load testing - US Special Glass Manufacture / General Shareholders Meeting – JP Pharmaceutical Venture/ Multifunction printer manufacture/ New software launch and in-house training / Heavy Machinery Manufacture - Technical presentations, Business presentations, Plant Tour / Medical Diagnostic Device Manufacture – Introduction Seminar, Promotion /US Apparel Company - Employee Recruitment Seminar, Guidance /Shipbuilding Company – Life-boat Operation Training / Pharmaceutical Company – Seminar on vascularisation / Auto-manufacture – Plating Process Training / US Telecom - Security Audit / JETRO – Business meetings / Manufacturing Company – Meetings for Safety and Environment